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Early 2018

Exhibition at Saint Anne Chapel in Arles.

March/September 2016
“Trees” exhibition at the Museum of Natural History in Rouen

“Trees” exhibition at the Museum of Natural History in Rouen

Everyone is talking about climate change.

Few make the link with the forest. Yet, with the upcoming climate change conference in Paris in December, the international community is seeking to curb global warming, which threatens forest livelihood, by controlling carbon emissions.

Among the various solutions, the use of forests as carbon sinks is one of the most effective and natural solutions to avoid the concentration of emissions in the atmosphere. This is especially the case of rainforests, which fix carbon all year round, unlike our own forests which lie dormant during the winter months. The studies carried out by Francis Hallé and numerous researchers have shown that 75% of rainforest biodiversity is found in the canopy. Removing the rainforest therefore means losing a number of vital discoveries for mankind in many fields, from medicine and cosmetology through to biomechanics.

By participating in the preservation of tropical primary forests and their vast biological diversity, you are helping to make progress possible, through the collection of new species or molecules that will help advance scientific understanding for all.

We are trying to bring this message to the attention of the wider public whether it be through books, documentaries or exhibitions like this one. Art is a great vehicle for communication and outreach. Besides Mark Alsterlind’s paintings, Francis Hallé’s drawings and Vincent Lajarige’s sculptures, educational panels are displayed throughout the exhibition, making the link between art and scientific knowledge.

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November 2015 / January 2016
“Trees” exhibition at the Chapelle de l’Observance in Draguignan